Why Do We Care About Likes And Popularity On Social Media?

Likes? What does it really mean? This is a topic I have been wanting to discuss for a minute now. I notice that being on social media some people really get in their feelings, if they don’t get a like, a retweet, a shout out, a comment. If their opinion isn’t acknowledge, it makes them feel inadequate and they start to feel like they are not important. 

I get it, we want to know if what we said matters, we want to know how people feel… but really why is it that important? Are we getting enough attention from the people in our lives? Not getting a like can cause people to have Low self-esteem especially if that like is attached to an expectation. Not getting acknowledged on social media can have dire consequences for some. I’ve seen this break up relationships of all kinds. 

Why do some of feel the need to, overshare on social media! Why do we care about the attention or adulation from the masses? Whatever happen to private intimate moments. Do we really want the whole to see and look at us. Does it makes us feel like we’ve done something big. Why do some of us constantly check to see if our post got any attention. What is that doing for us? It seems like it consumes our life. 

What are these unrealistic expectation we have? I’ve see this happen a lot with artist. Especially the ones that interact. If an artist likes one post and not another, jealousy ensues. Then some people start going on liking sprees just to get attention. I can see why some artist post and ghost because as soon as any communication starts forget it. Im pretty sure artist would like to interact more and have Indepth conversations with their fans but it can be crazy..

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Why Do We Care About Likes And Popularity On Social Media?

  1. I think it’s because people lack relationships in the “real” world, and so seek them online.

    Speaking from my own experience: I often find myself away from family and friends, busy with one undertaking or another. As a result, I get lonely. And because I feel lonely, I interact with people online.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Social can be a great way to interact and be social, I just find that some people really take it to heart when they are not acknowledged online by strangers. I wonder what is that like doing for you? How will it improve your life in any way?? It doesn’t. I don’t comment on post a lot because I get bombarded with notifications a lot. But when I post it’s ok if people don’t respond. They are not obligated to.

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      • You’re welcome.

        I’m glad I read your post. Thank you for writing it.

        It’s an important subject: The question of what people get out of being online.

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