Men, I know You Still Love R&B Music

Men, may I have your attention for just a few minutes. Thank you! Let me talk to you for a minute….. You remember R&B music, real soul R&B music? Real R&B groups, like New Edition, Jodeci, Shai, U.N.V. Boys To Men, TROOP and the list goes on and on. What about R&B solo artist, they are still around.

I understand times have changed but remember back in the day what that music and love felt like? How things were so much simple back then especially when it came to relationships. I know you men are still out there. I know you want to feel those feelings again, about love and music and with women.

So do we. But in order to do that you need to make your voices heard. You need to make yourself vulnerable. You can still be a Stone Cold Gentleman, while wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s not weak to be sensitive. To express yourself to a woman. If anything it makes  you even more attractive.

Men you have to admit in today’s music, it’s a little bit to rough. It’s missing that love and romance. I don’t know if some of you know that Ralph Tresvant, has his on radio Show, called Inside The Ride. It airs Monday thru Friday from 4pm to 7pm on the Bass Of Boston Radio Station.

I love this show because Ralph is so not a celebrity. He’s a humble normal, down to earth guy. I love to hear him and his male friends, say they love each other on air and show that type of love and affection towards each other. Its something that you don’t often here, especially with black men.

This is one of the reasons that if you haven’t tuned in you need to. Ralph loves his fans so much and wanted to return the love that his show is FREE. Now that speaks volumes because he doesn’t have to do anything, he genuinely wants to. Most artist would not do a show for free and take time out of their busy lives to talk to their fans live on the air.

Now that he’s live forget it! Everybody wants to talk to him. I’m going to say this as nice as possible men 🙂 If you haven’t joined the ride yet, I’m here to tell you, hop your ass inside the ride with your man Ralph Tresvant and show that man, your brother some love :). Call in to the show at 617-238-7111. It’s live.

More women need to hear from men that chivalry is not dead. That there are men out there who still want romance and the comfort of a real good woman. There’s tooooo much estrogen in the ride, lol. Rizz is doing a great job handling it but it’s too much!!! Trying to handle all these women and their emotions and their love for him.

His mother raised a good man. So he’s able to deal with it and be compassionate. He has daughters of his own. On his fan pages, 99.9% are women, lol. The other .1% are men. In the words of RT “Come on son!!!” LOL. He’s only one man. Ralph is doing his best to have more males in the ride and I’m pretty sure there will be, but until then we need to get the word out.

I now there are men out there who love Ralph Tresvant and New Edition too! Men who still love R&B music. You’re just low-key with it but we need you make some noise and be vocal about it. I already know, some of you men don’t like to get all in your feelings but this is not only important to the ride its important to romantic relationships too!

On “Talk To Me Tuesdays” on his show. Women are asking, where is the love? Where are the gentlemen at? What happen to music? I’ve asked these questions several times when I called in. Ralph has addressed it, by saying “relationships are important. Everybody is to separate, that’s the wrong pursuit. Everybody is doing their own thing both men and women.”

And there is nothing wrong with doing your own thing, that’s cool but men and women were not created to be alone and to do everything alone. We really need to get back to that love, that romance. That sensuality. It’s important for relationships and humanity. I and I’m sure Ralph and the whole Inside The Ride crew would appreciate your support.

Your male energy and presence will be very much appreciated. Also join the fan clubs, who knows maybe you might meet a nice lady, but know that her love for Ralph comes first, LOL… I’m kidding…. maybe I’m not but anyway 🙂 Go tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell more friends, and have their friends, tell more friends, about the ride and have them hop on in. I guarantee, you’ll love it!


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