This to me is UBUNTU! By Debra Stigall

I hear the call deep within my heart

A call to be true to the deepest part of me

I dare to show you who I truly am

But trust that you will show me “you”

I know I am weak and often fail

And I know that you fail too

But when I reach out to take your hand

And you stretch yours out too our humanity

The thread that binds our vulnerability…..our strength

For there’s no me without you

This to me is UBUNTU!

By Debra Stigall


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About Indepthwoman

I love life, myself and others. Passionate about everything I do! I love to cook, write, cook, bake and cook, lol (yeah I wrote that three times, lol) Domestic goddess. Home is everything to me. I'm an avid passionate music lover. I love listening to music, (it makes me high) I can't breathe without music. Homebody borderline hermit, lol :)...(Shhh don't tell anyone) I love to shop for everything home related. I hate malls, I love intelligent conversations. You'll always catch me smiling! I'm an in-depth woman just enjoying life.

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